The IQ Massage Chair - Queen Series

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  • Massage Chair And Cozy Sofa
  • The usage of this unique small and compact massage chair can range. The user can use the chair as both a massage chair and also as a lounging cozy sofa. The user can adjust the chairs positioning regardless of the massage chair functions being in use.
  • Leg Shaping Massage
    Leg airbags completely wrap the calf muscles and tendons giving them a rhythmic interactive relaxing squeeze massage, allowing for full comfort and relaxation.
  • Armrest Embedded Controller
    The remote control and massage chair are integrated for a unique and convenient massage functionality experience. Allowing the user to apply functions without having to move the arm from a rest and relaxed position.
  • 3 Adjustable Automated Programs
    There are multiple modes to adjust from: Full Body, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist stretch. These massage modes allow for a specified massage experience depending on what areas of the body need the most relief.
  • Adjustable Speed
    Manually adjust the speed intensity of your massage. Three separate speeds achieve different decompression effects for the user.
  • Bluetooth
    Enjoy music and phone calls hands free with this simple and easy to use Bluetooth feature. Sit back and relax in all Queen Series models as you listen to your favorite playlist. The combination of soothing massage therapy and wireless audio provides a truly one of a kind experience.
  • Lower Waist Airbags
    The Queen Series lower waist airbags morph specifically to the individual seated within the chair. This allows for a unique experience that cannot be mimicked by the human touch, leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.
  • *NEW* Buttocks Massage
    This new and innovative feature allows for a full body roller implanted into the Queen Series to work its way down to the…yes…buttocks! This incredible feature brings a deep tissue, squeezing, kneading, and point specific massage that goes from your back all the way down to your buttocks. There’s nothing else like it in the massage chair industry today.
  • Led Light
    The LED light in the armrest lightens up a dark room. This allows for a beautiful and elegant stylish addition to any room, even at night.
  • Zero Gravity
    In the zero gravity position, the seat moves to the ideal 120 angle, distributing body weight and reducing pressure on the body to deliver the ultimate in comfort. Move the chair into its zero gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation. Choose from 3 different zero gravity positions.
  • Flexible Pillow/Headrest
    The head support of the QUEEN SERIES is fully flexible and provides a comfortable cushion allowing for the deepest of relaxation.
  • Charging Usb Stations
    The Queen Series include charging stations for all mobile devices.