About Us

IQ MASSAGER is the premier leading worldwide distributor of TENS and EMS STIMULATORS with over 10 years of experience! Our licensed Class II medical devices use electrical pulses for the stimulation of nerves and muscles. These portable and compact electrical TENS /EMS STIMULATORS are a breakthrough in the compact medical device industry.

Our goal is to deliver a product that is convenient for users to use at any time and any place while also allowing our customers to save, TIME, MONEY, and most importantly PAIN! People will now have the ability to live in comfort and relieve themselves of daily muscle aches and pains WHENEVER and WHEREVER they please.

Our devices include an array of massage modes ranging from 8, 12, and 18. Each mode is specifically designed to deal with all types of muscle aches, stress, and many other kinds of pain.

Our devices are Health Canada licensed and cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device. Our five-year warranty is guaranteed on all our products and we stand by their high quality .