IQ Thergun Pro

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  • ​What You Get: IQ Thergun Pro Percussive massage therapy gun with touch screen, 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads, Compact Carrying Case
  • Benefit: Relieve Muscle Stiffness & Soreness, Increase Blood Flow, Improve Soft Tissue Health, Prevent Fasciitis + Many More Applications
  • ​Perfect For: Hamstrings, Lower Back, Hip Flexors, Pectoral Muscles, Forearms, Traps, Calves, Glutes
  • Personalized Relief: Get A Dedicated Pain Relief Specialist Assigned To You To Help Maximize Your Recovery At No Cost
  • Quiet, Cordless & Portable: Extremely Light And Quiet Device That Comes With A Compact Carrying Case So You Can Enjoy It Anywhere You Go
  • ​​Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Battery



Speed: 20 speed levels

Battery Life: 3 Hours

Noise: 20-40DB

Weight: 1.6kg